Outputs an HTML form (<form> tag) that when submitted will register users for your website by adding their information to a Vae collection. This is commonly used for building members-only areas.

You may use the form validation tools provided by the Vae form tags to make certain fields required.

Required Attributes

  • path - the path to the Vae collection that holds your users. Uses VaeQL syntax.

Optional Attributes

  • redirect - if specified, users will be redirected to this page once they have registered.

Sample Usage

Register for our website:
<v:users:register path="users" redirect="/welcome">
 Choose a username: <v:text_field path="username" />
 Choose a password: <v:password_field path="password" />
 Confirm password: <v:password_field path="confirm_password" />
 <input type="submit" value="Register" />