Customizing Order Confirmation E-Mails

If you take a look at the <v:store:checkout> tag in our example code, you will see the attribute email_confirmation="/emails/confirmation". This tells Vae where to look for files the user’s email confirmation is based off of. In our case, we need to put the email confirmation files within a folder called emails. You will need to create two files: one HTML and one plain text. Users who disable HTML on their email clients will see the plain text version, while everyone else will see the HTML email. For our example, these files will be called confirmation.html and confirmation.txt.html.

In both the HTML and plain text file, you can use Vae’s <v:store:user> and <v:store:cart:items> tags to inject user and order information into your email. Most designers send a summary of the items ordered, the cost, payment method used, shipping method used, and the shipping address.