The vae_store_add_shipping_method() function adds a shipping method to the site. All options available from the built-in shipping methods are also available. This function is usually called in __vae.php. If you need to calculate the cost, you may call this function inside a store:cart:updated hook. This function only needs to be called once per visitor session, but calling it multiple times is ok. Subsequent calls for the same method name will update the cost and options.



  • $options - PHP associative array containing the options for the shipping method.

    Valid keys are: title, cost, domestic_only, international_only, class, destination_country. These correspond with the options described on the page for enabling the built-in shipping methods.

    All keys are optional except title and cost.


Returns false on failure, or true on success.

Sample Usage

// In __vae.php:
// Add custom ground freight shipping method for Plasma TVs
$return_value = vae_store_add_shipping_method(array(
  'title' => "PilotAir Custom Freight",
  'cost' => '175.00',
  'shipping_class' => 'plasma_tv',
  'domestic_only' => 1
if ($return_value == false) {
  echo "FAILURE";
} else {
  echo "SUCCESS";