The vae_store_update_coupon_code() function updates a coupon code.


vae_store_update_coupon_code($code_id, $options)

  • $code_id - numeric ID of the coupon code. This is not the code string itself. Obtain this ID by calling vae_store_find_coupon_code().

  • $options - PHP associative array containing the options for the coupon code.

    Valid keys are: code, description, fixed_amount, percentage_amount, free_shipping, min_order_amount, min_order_items, country, discount_shipping, number_available, start_at, stop_at, max_per_customer. These correspond with the options described on the page for creating coupon codes.

    All keys are optional except code, which is required.


Returns false on failure, or true on success.

Sample Usage

// Add 10 to the number available of this coupon code
$coupon = vae_store_find_coupon_code($code);
$return_value = vae_store_update_coupon_code($coupon['id'], array(
  'number_available' => $coupon['number_available'] + 10
if ($return_value == false) {
  echo "FAILURE";
} else {
  echo "SUCCESS";