Use the vae_image_reflect() function to apply an Apple-like reflection effect to an image.


vae_image_reflect($image, $reflection_size = "30%", $opacity = 35)

  • $image - Filename for the image you would like to add a reflection to. This is usually obtained by calling vae_image() on the image ID (obtained by reading the data returned by vae() under the path of the Image structure you wish to use). This should be an image retrieved from Vae (and thus stored in the local Vae data cache folder).

  • $reflection_size - Size of the reflection. Specify either in pixels (example 10px) or as a percentage of the image height (example 30%). Default is 30%.

  • $opacity – Opacity of the reflection, as a percentage. Default is 35.


Filename of the newly generated image with a reflection.

Sample Usage

// Display press photo with reflection effect
$bio = vae_find("bio");
$image_filename = vae_image($bio['press_photo']);
$reflected_image = vae_image_reflect($image_filename, 30, 35);
echo '<img src="' . vae_data_url() . $reflected_image . '" alt="My Reflected Image" />';