Generating PDFs

Vae allows you to build PDF files on the fly from HTML and CSS source. This can be used, for example, to create downloadable print-ready versions of a one-sheet, portfolio, or search result. You may make full use of VaeML, Haml, and PHP in generating the markup for your PDF document.

Based on the file extension, Vae will automatically build and send the generated PDF to the browser. Behind the scenes, this is accomplished by running the HTML code through the dompdf library to produce a PDF.

Any file ending in .pdf.html will automatically be run through the PDF engine. Any file ending in .pdf.haml will be run through Haml and the PDF engine. Files ending in .pdf.php or .pdf.haml.php will also be run through PHP.

You may customize the size, orientation, and filename of the generated PDF by using the <v:pdf> tag your HTML source. More information about PDF generation is available on that page.