Web professionals, freelancers, and agencies:

To begin using Vae to build websites, please join our Designer Partner Program. Vae service is provisioned exclusively through the program.

Pricing begins at $49.95/month per website. For more details, please see our Pricing Page.

We offer an incredible 90-day refund policy after signup, so if you aren't happy, you can get your money back.

From your designer account, you will be able to create and manage as many websites as you would like. Your clients get separate individual logins for their sites.

We will assign you an account manager. He or she will help get you settled on Vae and answer your questions.

Signups are currently closed.
Check back in 2015!

I'm not a web professional. Can I use Vae for my site?

Vae is currently only available to designers, agencies, and freelancers that develop websites professionally.

If you want to use Vae, but do not have web design experience, you should contact a designer partner and request a quote for website development using Vae.

Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter, and we will let you know if we ever launch a personal version of Vae.

Are there hidden fees or contracts?

The Vae Designer Partner Program is all inclusive.

Your account may be cancelled for a refund for any reason at any time. There are no contracts. If you cancel and request a refund, we will refund the payment for the most recent month of service's base plan cost. No questions asked. One refund per person or designer account, please.

If you request a refund within the first 90 days, we will refund every penny you ever paid.

Are there system requirements for Vae?

All your cilents will need to use the CMS and backstage is a recent web browser.

Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome are happily supported. Internet Explorer (7+) is reluctantly supported as well.

As a designer, you'll need access to an FTP client or Subversion to upload your files. We recommend Coda, an integrated web development environment.


Is my data safe?

We trust Vae to store all of our own data.

We store data on Amazon's Elastic Block Store redundant storage system and perform daily snapshot backups to Amazon's S3 storage cloud, which is even more redundant.

Does Vae provide phone support?

All questions about Vae are addressed by E-Mail, typically within 24 hours.

Do Vae sites scale?

We use advanced technologies to keep your site speedy and reliable.

We make extensive use of memcached, a distributed object caching system developed by LiveJournal and Facebook, to serve pages as quickly as possible. We also automatically minify and gzip your Javascripts and stylesheets, and compress your uploaded JPEGs to minimize your bandwidth bill.