Making An AJAX Photo Gallery

Making a simple photo gallery is a task that can be accomplished using the <v:a> tag with the ajax attribute, along with the <v:collection> and <v:img> tags.

<h2><v:text path="artist_name"/></h2>
<v:collection path="images">
 <div class="imageDiv">
  <v:a href="/image" ajax="bigPicDisplay"><v:img path="image" image_size="thumb" /></v:a>

This will display a thumbnail version of all the images in our Images Collection. The <v:a> tag points to an image.html page, which will do nothing but display a larger version of the the image. Just one line of code:

<v:img path="image" image_size="big"/>

Since we set the ajax attribute in our <v:a> tag, clicking on a thumbnail will not redirect the user to the image.html page. Instead, the contents of image.html – the large version of our image – will be displayed in the bigPicDisplay div. This happens asynchronously, so the image will be loaded without a full page refresh. Here’s the result: