A Sampling of Vae Sites

Seeing is believing, so let’s take a moment to check out some of the different sites that have been built on Vae. Later, we’ll circle back and explore how some of them are managing their content, and how they’ve integrated the content into their HTML code by using VaeML.

Here are 9 sites that we like a lot:

We picked these sites because they display a wide variety of ways that Vae can be used. Some are magazines/blogs, others are online stores. Some have both. The Bobble site uses Flash, and the Sam Edelman site uses video. Hint Magazine showcases our built-in integration with Disqus for commenting, and American Dictation is a great example of how to build an SEO-friendly online store.

Just to reiterate, these websites look nothing alike. But they (and hundreds of others) are all being managed with ‘s content mangament and eCommerce facilities.