Renders the text and tags inside relative to a new path context. This is useful when an entire page or section of a page pertains to a particular entry in a collection, as it helps you avoid having to specify the full path to that entry every time.

Required Attributes

  • path - the path to be set as the new context. Uses VaeQL syntax

Optional Attributes


Sample Usage

The following two samples will output the same thing:

<v:text path="locations/1/name" />
<v:text path="locations/1/address" />
<v:text path="locations/1/city" />,
<v:text path="locations/1/state" />
<v:text path="locations/1/zip" />
<v:section path="locations/1">
 <v:text path="name" />
 <v:text path="address" />
 <v:text path="city" />,
 <v:text path="state" />
 <v:text path="zip" />

The second one is a lot easier to read and avoids repetition within your code.