Summary – Processing by Extension

As you have seen, Vae supports many different forms of preprocessing on documents. The exact set of processing is determined by the file extension. Here is a summary of how documents will be processed by file extension:

Extension Output Format Processors (in order) Cached?  
.html HTML VaeML Yes  
.xml XML VaeML Yes  
.rss XML VaeML Yes  
.php HTML PHP, VaeML -  
.haml HTML Haml, VaeML Yes  
.haml.php HTML PHP, Haml, VaeML -  
.pdf.html PDF VaeML, dompdf   -
.pdf.haml PDF Haml, VaeML, dompdf -  
.pdf.php PDF PHP, VaeML, dompdf -  
.pdf.haml.php PDF PHP, Haml, VaeML, dompdf -  
.sass CSS SASS Yes  

The Cached? column refers to whether the rendered output will be cached in the Vae caching system.