Outputs its contents either as an HTML link (<a> tag) or without a link, depending on whether the path specified in the path= attribute contains data. If called from within a <v:collection> block, it will automatically append information about which item in the collection was clicked to the query string just like the <v:a> tag.

Required Attributes

  • href - link href. This will become the href attribute of the generated <a> tag.

  • path - path to check for data. Uses VaeQL syntax.

Optional Attributes

You may use any attributes that are accepted by the <v:a> tag.

Sample Usage

Assume that our locations collection has 2 entries: New York and London. Only New York has the checkbox show_more_information set. Then, this code:

<v:collection path="locations">
  <v:a_if path="show_more_information" href="/location" />
   <v:text path="name" />

Might render:

 <a href="/location/1-new-york">New York</a>