Outputs an HTML form (<form> tag) that when submitted will log users into your website. This is commonly used for building members-only areas.

Required Attributes

  • path - the path to the Vae collection that holds your users. Uses VaeQL syntax.

  • required - comma-delimited list of fields that are required to match a user. For example if you wanted to allow them to enter their username and password in this box, this field should be username,password. If you want them to have to enter their username and E-Mail address, its value might be username,e_mail_address.

Optional Attributes

  • invalid - message to display if the user enters invalid information and submits the form.

  • redirect - if specified, users will be redirected to this page once they have been logged in.

Since this tag generates an HTML <form> tag, you may also use any standard HTML attributes that are valid in the <form> tag. These will be passed through unchanged into the generated tag.

Sample Usage

<v:users:login path="users" redirect-"membersonly.html" required="username,password" invalid="Login information incorrect.">
 Username: <v:text_field path="username" />
 Password: <v:password_field path="password" />
 <input type="submit" value="Login" />