This tag is used to insert HTML code between or around the individual entries in a tag that iterates over multiple entries (such as <v:collection>). There are 2 ways to use this tag. If the tag contains a <v:yield> tag, the contents of this tag will wrap each entry, with the <v:yield> tag denoting where the rendered HTML from each entry will go. If this tag does not contain a <v:divider> tag, the content between the <v:divider> and </v:divider> will be inserted as a divider between entries.

By default the divider will appear after each item, but you can pass in the every attribute to specify how often the divider should be displayed.

This is useful for paginating or dividing collections into rows and columns.

Note that you may include multiple <v:divider> within a collection tag The individual <v:divider> tags may have different values for the every attribute.


This tag only works inside of a tag that iterates over a number of entries, such as <v:collection>.

Required Attributes


Optional Attributes

  • every - if set to a number x, the divider will be rendered after every x entries in the collection are rendered.

Sample Usage - Simple

<v:collection path="locations">
 <p><v:text path="name" /></p>
 <!-- insert a horizontal rule after every 5 location names -->
 <v:divider every="5">
  <hr />

Sample Usage - As a Wrapper

<v:collection path="locations">
 <p><v:text path="name" /></p>
 <!-- wrap every location name in a div -->
 <v:divider >
  <div><yield /></div>