The vae_store_total_weight() function overrides the total weight for items in the cart. This function is useful because it enables you to manually divide the items in your order into separate boxes.



  • $weight - May be a number representing the total weight of the cart or an array of numbers representing separate packages that will be shipped separately. If the array option is used, the shipping charges for each box will be calculated and then summed together to produce a total shipping cost.


Returns false on failure, or true on success.

Sample Usage

// In __vae.php:
// Calculate the exact weight based on what gets ordered
vae_register_hook("store:cart:updated", "configure_weights");
function configure_weights() {
  // ...
  // some magic calculations
  // ...
  $return_value = vae_store_total_weight($array_of_box_weights); 
  if ($return_value == false) {
    echo "FAILURE";
  } else {
    echo "SUCCESS";