Use the vae_update() function to update data stored in Vae.


Please do not use this function for any purpose that may generate abuse, such as contest entries. Overuse of this function can result in having your CMS locked and future updates disallowed until you contact us. Please reach out and contact us if you’re at all unsure about a given use for this function.


vae_update($id, $data)

  • $id - ID of the Vae collection entry you are updating.

  • $data - associative array containing the new data, represented as key-value pairs


Returns false on error, true on success. In the event of a failure, you should call vae_errors() to return an array of the error messages.

Sample Usage

// Update number of downloads
$item = vae_find($_REQUEST['id']);
$ret = vae_update(
  array('number_of_downloads' => ($item['number_of_downloads'] + 1))
if ($ret == true) {
  echo "Success";
} else {
  echo "There were some errors:\n";
  foreach(vae_errors() as $error) {
    echo $error . "\n";