The vae_text() function renders the text you specify in a given font, size, and color.

This works by building a PNG on the server, so you do not need to use Flash or Javascript at all in the website.


vae_text($text, $font_name = "", $font_size = "22", $color = "#000000", $kerning = 1, $padding = 5, $max_width = 10000)

  • $text - The text you would like to render.

  • $font_name - Name of the TrueType font to use for rendering. Should be named $font_name.ttf and placed in your document root.

  • $font_size - Pixel size to use. Default is 22.

  • $color - Color of the rendered text.

  • $kerning - number of pixels to place between letters. Default is 1.

  • $padding - number of pixels to use as padding in the entire rendered image. Default is 5.

  • $max_width - Maximum width in pixels. If specified, if the image would need to be wider than this, it will be split onto multiple lines.


Filename of the generated image.

Sample Usage

// Render text in the Tahoma font
echo '<img src="' . vae_data_url() . vae_text("This text is in Tahoma", "Tahoma", "18", "#FF0000") . '" />';