Renders a Gravatar image.

Required Attributes

  • email - E-Mail address for the Gravatar you wish to display.

Optional Attributes

  • default - default image to display if there is no Gravatar associated with that E-Mail address. Can either be an absolute URL to an image, or wavatar, identicon, or monsterid to use an automatically generated default.

  • rating - a value of g, pg, r, or x to specify the types of Gravatars you are willing to display. The ratings are similar to the MPAA-ratings for movies. If omitted, we use a default value of g.

  • size - specify an integer here to set the size of the Gravatar in pixels. Default is 80.

Self Closed

This tag is usually self-closed.

Sample Usage

<v:gravatar email="<v=email>" default="wavatar" rating="pg" size="128" />