Superstructures are structures that contain other structures. They are used to organize your content into a meaningful hierarchy. They are also the only structures that can live at the top-level of your website. This means that the first structure that you create must be a superstructure.

The two superstructures are the Collection and the Section. The difference between the two is that the Collection can hold multiple entries of data (think multiple rows in a database), while the Section only has one entry (think about a static text file).

Both types are immensely useful, and it is very common for a website to have a mixture of Collections and Sections at the top-level. Common uses for Collections include managing Blog Posts, Events, Links, or Items. Common uses for Sections include managing content that exists in a single spot on your website such as Thought of the Day or Contact Information.

The External structure isn’t really a structure at all, but it creates items that live at the top-level of your website, so we include it here because that is the best place to fit it in this guide.