The vae_multipart_mail() function sends an E-Mail in both text and HTML format.


vae_multipart_mail($from, $to, $subject, $text_part, $html_part)

  • $from - E-Mail address that will be the From address in the E-Mail. You may specify a name here as well by using the standard E-Mail formatting: John Doe <[email protected]>.

  • $to - E-Mail address that the E-Mail will be sent to. You may specify multiple E-Mail addresses delimited by commas.

  • $subject - Subject of the E-Mail.

  • $text_part - Text part of the E-Mail.

  • $html_part - HTML part of the E-Mail.


Returns true.

Sample Usage

// Send Welcome E-Mail
$text = "Hello, thanks for becoming a customer!";
$html = "Hello, <b>thanks</b> for becoming a customer!";
vae_multipart_mail("My Website <[email protected]>", $email_address, "Welcome to My Website", $text, $html);