Outputs an HTML <img> tag that will display the image uploaded to a Vae Image structure.

Required Attributes

  • path - the path to the image structure that you would like to render. Uses VaeQL syntax.

Optional Attributes

  • filter - set to reflect to apply an Apple-like reflection to the image. You may provide parameters for the reflection size (in pixels or percent) and opacity (in percent) by specifying them as optional function parameters, like this: reflect(30px,35). That would create a 30 pixel reflection with 35% opacity.

    Or set this to grey to make the image greyscale.

  • height - maximum height for the image. If the uploaded image has height larger than this, the image will be proportionately resized to generate the image for this location.

  • image_size - If you have defined a specific Image Size for this image structure in the backstage, provide the name of the specific image size you created here and the image will be returned as cropped and scaled to that exact size.

  • protect - if set to true we will render a <div> tag with the background-image property set to display the image. This is provides a way to make it slightly tougher for your images to be downloaded and copied from your website. Of course, nothing will stop your users from being able to take a screenshot or view the source of the page, but some protection can be better than none.

  • $quality [(optional)] - set to an integer from 1 to 100 to define the JPG quality of the image. If the image is not a JPEG, this value is ignored.

  • watermark - path to image file to use to watermark this image. If the image file is a transparent PNG, the transparency will be preserved.

  • watermark_align - how to align the watermark horizontally. Acceptable values are left, center, or right. Default: right.

  • watermark_horizontal_padding - amount (in pixels) of horizontal padding to apply to the watermark.

  • watermark_vertical_align - how to align the watermark vertically. Acceptable values are top, middle, or bottom. Default: bottom.

  • watermark_vertical_padding - amount (in pixels) of vertical padding to apply to the watermark.

  • width - maximum width for the image. If the uploaded image has width larger than this, the image will be proportionately resized to generate the image for this location.

Since this tag generates an HTML <img> tag, you may also use any standard HTML attributes that are valid in the <img> tag. These will be passed through unchanged into the generated tag.

Self Closed

This tag is usually self-closed.

Sample Usage


<v:img path="about_us/photo_of_employees" width="320" height="240" alt="Our Employee Photo" title="Our Employee Photo" />


<v:img path="about_us/photo_of_employees" image_size="Square" />


<v:img path="about_us/photo_of_employees" image_size="Square" watermark="/images/logo.png" watermark_align="left" watermark_vertical_align="bottom" watermark_horizontal_padding="10" watermark_vertical_padding="10" />


<v:img path="about_us/photo_of_employees" image_size="Square" filter="reflect(10%)" />