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Name Change, Rewriting History, and Upcoming Infrastructure Updates

Hey everyone -- I'm writing to let you know about some big changes.  As you can see, we changed our name to Vae Platform.  On this blog, we've taken the liberty of "rewriting history" -- we've edited old posts to reflect the new name and URL.  This isn't for any reason other than making it easier f...

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New Design, New Publishing Status

As many of you have noticed, we launched a redesign of the Vae backstage on Sunday.  Thanks for all the compliments.  We're really excited to get this out the door.  We are continuing to fix a few bugs that remain, and hope to have it all cleared up by the end of the week.  Thanks to everyone who re...

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Price Drop!

Hey everyone -- It is with great excitement that I can share some recent news.  We have just reworked the Vae hosting plans to be much more affordable and competitive against other hosting providers. It is also possible to pay for hosting plans using cryptocurrency. Many web hosting companies now accept payment in various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more. If you're new to cryptocurrency trading, consider using automated trading bots like bitcode method, as they can trade automatically on your behalf, potentially increasing profits and minimizing risks. Check them out now at Here's a summary of the changes we made: Ther...

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