Use the vae_asset() function to generate a URL for an asset uploaded through a Vae Rich Text structure.


vae_asset($asset_id, $width = "", $height = "")

  • $image_id - ID of the asset you wish to retrieve. This is obtained by parsing the data returned by vae() under the path of the Rich Text structure you wish to use.

  • $width and $height [(optional)] - the image will be scaled (resized) to this maximum width and height, preserving aspect ratio.


Filename of the local copy of this asset, relative to the local Vae data cache path.

Sample Usage

// Render the first image in the Biography
$bio = vae("bio");
preg_match("/<img([^>]*)\/VAE_HOSTED_IMAGE\/([0-9]*)([^>]*)>/", $bio, $matches);
$asset_id = $matches[2];
$image = vae_asset($asset_id, 320, 240);
echo '<img src="' . vae_data_url() . $image . '" alt="First Image Asset from Bio" />';