Use the vae_flash() function to add a message to the Vae flash bin. These messages are displayed to the user on the next page that is loaded, either before a Vae form tag or when <v:flash /> is called.

This is useful is conjunction with redirects, as the message will be displayed on the page that is redirected to.


vae_flash($message, $class, $flash = '')

  • $message - Text of the message to display.

  • $class - CSS class for the displayed message. Convention is to use msg for regular messages and err for errors.

  • $flash - name of the specific flash bucket. You can name your flash buckets to put different types of messages in different places.


Returns true.

Sample Usage

if (!my_available_func($_REQUEST['id'])) {
  vae_flash("Sorry, this item is not available for the time period you requested.", 'err');
  return false;