A ‘Contact Us’ Form

A common feature of many sites is a ‘Contact Us’ form, which allows users to quickly shoot an email to the client. With Vae, you can utilize the <v:formmail> tag to quickly make such a form. Besides making the process simple, using Vae for you contact form obscures the email address which the form sends the data to. Also, since <v:formmail> supports all of the <v:form> tag attributes, validation is supported.

<v:formmail to="[email protected]" redirect="confirmed.html">
 Your Name: <v:text_field name="Name" />
 Your Question: <v:text_area name="Comments" />
 <input type="submit" />

Note the redirect attribute, which in our example points to “confirmed.html”. This will be the page the user is taken to upon submitting the form. Just like the <v:form> tag, <v:formmail> supports the ajax attribute. If you choose to use it, the redirect page will be loaded inside the div you specify for your ajax attribute, asynchronously.