Vae can automatically generate permanent links (Permalinks) for entries in collections. These links will be stored in Vae with each entry and can be changed at any time. Vae will automatically map these permalinks to a specific HTML (or Haml or PHP) page for each collection with a Permalink defined.

To enable Permalinks for a collection, first create a HTML, Haml, or PHP page that will be the page rendered when the permalink is visited. By convention, this file is named the singular of the collection name. So for a collection called Artists, you would create a file called artist.html.

Then, in the Edit View for the collection on the Site > Content Management tab enter the name of this page into the box for Permalink HTML Page. Vae will automatically create a Permalink for each entry in the collection. As an example, the default permalink for an entry with title Picasso would be http://<yourdomain>/artist/picasso.

When http://<yourdomain>/artist/picasso is loaded in a browser, Vae will render artist.html within the context of the Picasso entry. Vae will also set the id request parameter to the ID of the Picasso entry.

You may customize the format of Permalinks by setting the Permalink Format option on the Edit View for the collection on the Site > Content Management tab.

To link to a page by its Permalink in VaeML, simply use the <v:a> tag without specifying an href="".