Association (single)

The Association (single) structure stores an association with another entry on Vae. When creating the structure, you specify which collections to allow association with.

Common Use Examples: Author Name (references an Authors collection), Category (references a Categories collection)
Supported Validations: None.
Related VaeML Tags: None.

When accessing the value in VaeML, you can use VaeQL to obtain the values of child structures of the associated entry, as if it were an actual child structure of the current context.

Backstage Look and Feel

The Association (single) structure editing widget looks like a dropdown menu, containing the titles of the associated entries in the dropdown:

When an Association (single) structure is visible in the list view, the title of the selected associated entry is displayed:

The name that is displayed for each associated entry is the title of that entry. To set this, navigate to the associated collection in the Site tab and set its title properly.