Renders a Facebook Comment Box which allows Facebook users to comment on your page.

Including this tag automatically includes Facebook’s Javascript SDK and XFBML capabilities onto your page.

Required Attributes

  • appid - Facebook App ID as assigned by Facebook. You need to register your website with Facebook to get this ID.

Optional Attributes

  • paginate - how many comments to show per page. If omitted, we use a default value of 10.

  • path - if specified, Vae will associate the comments with the entry specified in path. If omitted and there is a current context, the comments will be associated with the current context. Set this to / to ignore any current associate comments with the current page URL.

  • width - width in pixels of the Facebook comments frame area. Default is 450.

Self Closed

This tag is usually self-closed.

Sample Usage

<v:facebook_comments appid="12345" paginate="15" width="450" />