We support the latest version of PHP and MySQL on all Vae accounts (although we strongly discourage use of MySQL on Vae). Pages ending with the .php extension will automatically be parsed as PHP.

You can create and delete MySQL Databases under the Site > MySQL tab in the backstage.

You may use VaeML tags in PHP, but they will not be processed until the entire PHP script has run. This is actually very powerful, because it means that you can use PHP to generate VaeML code. Be careful though, because generating VaeML in this way can make our caching mechanisms less effective and slow down your website. Experiment for yourself.

You may also use PHP within VaeML by using the <v:php> tag. When included in a <v:php> tag, the code is executed after the rest of the page is rendered by PHP, and the variable $context is populated with data from the current page context. PHP code inside <v:php> tags can access global variables set by your regular PHP code. There is also a short form of <v:php> that is similar to the PHP short form tags. More information is available on the <v:php> page.