This tag is used to insert HTML code between or around the hierarchy levels in the <v:nested_collection> tag. There are 2 ways to use this tag. If the tag contains a <v:yield> tag, the contents of this tag will wrap each level in the tree, with the <v:yield> tag denoting where the rendered HTML from each entry will go. If this tag does not contain a <v:yield> tag, the content between the <v:nested_divider> and </v:nested_divider> will be inserted as a divider between levels.

By default the divider will appear after/around each level, but you can pass in the every attribute to specify how often the divider should be displayed.

Note that you may include multiple <v:nested_divider> within a <v:nested_collection> tag The individual <v:nested_divider> tags may have different values for the every attribute.


This tag only works inside of a <v:nested_collection> tag.

Required Attributes


Optional Attributes

  • every - if set to a number x, the divider will be rendered after every x entries in the collection are rendered.

Sample Usage

<v:nested_collection path="categories">
 <v:text path="name" />
 <v:divider><li><v:yield /></li></v:divider>
 <v:nested_divider><ul><v:yield /></ul></v:nested_divider>