SEO: Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a very broad topic and encompasses several types of things you might do to make your website more highly regarded by search engines. We are not an SEO company and we don’t guarantee that we will get you to the top of Google. However, we are aware of several best-practices and have built Vae in such a way that makes it easy to follow these SEO best-practices.

An important thing for SEO is to have clean looking URLs that contain the relevant keywords for a given page. Vae makes this very easy to accomplish through its Permalink mechanism. However, Vae also offers some features that allow even non-permalink URLs to be made clean.

When referencing a page on a Vae site, you may omit the file extension in the URL. For example, to access the page about.haml.php, you can simply go to http://<yoursite> This shortens your URLs and makes keywords stand out, which is helpful for SEO.

Additionally, Vae makes it easy to generate RSS feeds through the <v:rss> tag. This tag can also be used to generate feeds for Google Base (which powers Google Shopping). If your site has a well-defined structure, you can also use VaeML to generate sitemaps as well. There’s no specific VaeML tag for this, however, a sitemap is just an XML file that you can build just like any other XML file.