Integrating an Internet Merchant Account

Supported Services

Currently, Vae fully supports the following merchant account services:

  • Braintree Payment Solutions (

  • Authorize.Net (

  • Cybersource (

  • PayPal Website Payments Pro ( Braintree offers great rates for stores with high volume (tens of thousands of dollars per month and up). Authorize.Net is only sold through resellers, which include Wells Fargo, Chase Paymentech, and many others ( Additionally, the following services are supported, but have not yet been fully tested with the Vae platform. If you choose to use one, a Vae engineer will work with you to ensure that the integration goes smoothly.

  • LinkPoint (

  • SecurePay (

  • SkipJack (

  • TransFirst (

  • USA ePay (

  • Verifi (

  • ViaKLIX ( If you work with another merchant bank that offers an API for submitting transactions, we can work with you to have your Vae transactions processed through your merchant bank. Please contact us and we will give you an estimate regarding cost and lead time.

Adding the Merchants Backstage

Payment methods can be added via the Store tab and the Settings sub-tab:

Clicking Add Payment Method will bring you to The Add Payment Method screen. This screen allows you to integrate your merchant account with your Vae store:


If you’d like to worry about setting up you merchant account later, just select the Vae Test Gateway as a payment method, and you’ll immediately be able to test your store.

Using Payment Methods In Your Website Design

Once your payment methods are setup, they will appear in the payment select menu, rendered using the <v:store:payment_methods_select> tag: