Iterates over all items in the current customer’s shopping cart and renders the text and tags inside once for every cart item. You may nest a <v:divider> tag inside this tag to specify a divider that will be shown after a certain number of items.

Within this tag, the current context will be that of the cart item, with the following additional fields available:

  • cart_id - cart item ID#

  • name - item name

  • option_id - option ID

  • option_value - option value (size, color, etc)

  • price - unit price

  • qty - quantity in cart

  • total - total amount for quantity in cart

Required Attributes


Optional Attributes


Sample Usage

 Name  : <v:text path="name" />
 Size  : <v:text path="option_value" />
 Qty   : <v:text path="qty" />
 Price : <v:store:item:price />
 Total : <v:store:item:price price_field="total" />