The vae_store_add_item_to_cart() function adds an item to the user’s shopping cart.


vae_store_add_item_to_cart($id, $option_id = null, $quantity = 1, $options = array(), $notes = "")

  • $id - Vae ID of the item to add

  • $option_id - Vae ID of the option for the item, if the item has multiple options (such as size or color), or null.

  • $quantity - Quantity to set in the cart for this item

  • $options - PHP associative array with the same options as accepted by <v:store:add_to_cart>. Some of the more common options are: inventory_field, name, name_field, option_field, price, price_field, weight_field, but all options are accepted here. Also, the option update_if_exists should be set to true if you want to emulate the <v:store:add_to_cart> behavior where items can only be added to your cart a single time.

    If left off, the following default set is used: array('name_field' ⇒ 'name', 'price_field' ⇒ 'price').

  • $notes - Notes to be set in the cart for this item


Returns false on failure, otherwise returns the cart ID of the added item.

Sample Usage

// Add the submitted item to the shopping cart
   'inventory_field' => 'inventory',
   'name_field' => 'name',
   'price_field' => 'price',
   'weight_field' => 'weight'