The vae_store_find_coupon_code() obtains an associative array representing a coupon code.



  • $code - code text of the coupon code.


Returns false on failure, or an associative array describing the coupon code on success. The keys of the associative array will include: id, code, description, fixed_amount, percentage_amount, free_shipping, min_order_amount, min_order_items, country, discount_shipping, number_available, start_at, stop_at, max_per_customer. These correspond with the options described on the page for creating coupon codes.

Sample Usage

// Get info about a coupon code
$coupon = vae_store_find_coupon_code($code);
if ($coupon['fixed_amount']) {
  echo "This coupon provides a fixed discount of " . $coupon['fixed_amount'];