The vae_store_register() function registers the current website user as a customer. This will add them to the Customers tab in the backstage as well as attach an E-Mail address, billing address, and shipping address with the current session. This function should be called before vae_store_checkout() in a PHP-based checkout flow.


vae_store_register($options = array())

  • $options - PHP associative array containing the information about the custmer. This field accepts the same named inputs as the form elements that go inside the <v:store:register> tag. We also list them in the next section.

Accepted Options

These are options that may be provided in the $options array.

Billing Information

Always required, except company, address 2, and state (for non-US/Canada).

  • billing_name - billing name.

  • billing_company - billing company (optional).

  • billing_address - billing address.

  • billing_address_2 - billing address 2 (optional).

  • billing_city - billing city.

  • billing_state - billing state/province (required for US/Canada).

  • billing_zip- billing ZIP/postal code.

  • billing_country - billing country.

  • billing_phone - billing phone number.

  • e_mail_address - E-Mail Address.

Shipping Information

Not required if you are not shipping.

  • shipping_name - shipping name.

  • shipping_company - shipping company (optional).

  • shipping_address - shipping address.

  • shipping_address_2 - shipping address 2 (optional).

  • shipping_city - shipping city.

  • shipping_state - shipping state/province (required for US/Canada).

  • shipping_zip - shipping ZIP/postal code.

  • shipping_country - shipping country.

  • shipping_phone - shipping phone number.

Creating an Account

Not required.

  • password - password for the account.


Returns true on success and false on failure.

Sample Usage

// Register a user          
  'billing_name' => "Test Tester",
  'billing_company' => "Action Verb",
  'e_mail_address' => "[email protected]"