The vae_store_update_cart_item() function adds an item to the user’s shopping cart.


vae_store_update_cart_item($cart_id, $data = array())

  • $cart_id - cart ID of the item to update

  • $data - PHP associative array with data to update. The following keys are accepted: options are: name, option_id, option_value, price, qty, total, weight_field, but all options are accepted here. Be sure to make sure that price, qty, and total are synchronized, as Vae will not recompute these for you.


Returns false on failure, otherwise returns true.

Sample Usage

// Set the price of all items in the cart to a random price between $2 and $5.
$items = vae_store_cart_items();
foreach ($items as $cart_id => $data) {
  $price = rand(2, 5);
  vae_store_update_cart_item($cart_id, array('price' => $price, 'total' => $data['qty'] * $price));