Outputs an HTML form (<form> tag) that will save a customer’s billing information, shipping information, and E-Mail address.

You may use the form validation tools provided by the Vae form tags to make certain fields required.

Required Attributes

  • redirect - users will be redirected to this page once they have successfully entered all their information.

Optional Attributes

  • formmail - set to an E-Mail address and all the data from the form will be E-Mail address specified. This uses the same mechanism as the <v:formmail> tag.

  • from - if using the formmail attribute, specify a value here and we will make the E-Mail that is sent come from this address.

  • from_field - if using the formmail attribute, specify a value here and we will make the E-Mail that is sent come from the address specified in this form field. Good for making the E-Mail look like it came from the person who sent the form.

  • newsletter - supply a newsletter code here and the user will automatically be subscribed to that newsletter when registering.

  • newsletter_confirm - if specified, the user will only be subscribed to the newsletter specified in the newsletter code if this request variable is passed on. This is usually used to make a checkbox that the user can check to opt-in.

Since this tag generates an HTML <form> tag, you may also use any standard HTML attributes that are valid in the <form> tag. These will be passed through unchanged into the generated tag.

Form Parameters

These are the request (POST) parameters that should be submitted with the form:

Billing Information

Always required, except company, address 2, and state (for non-US/Canada).

  • billing_name - billing name.

  • billing_company - billing company (optional).

  • billing_address - billing address.

  • billing_address_2 - billing address 2 (optional).

  • billing_city - billing city.

  • billing_state - billing state/province (required for US/Canada).

  • billing_zip- billing ZIP/postal code.

  • billing_country - billing country.

  • billing_phone - billing phone number.

  • e_mail_address - E-Mail Address.

Shipping Information

Not required if you are not shipping.

  • shipping_name - shipping name.

  • shipping_company - shipping company (optional).

  • shipping_address - shipping address.

  • shipping_address_2 - shipping address 2 (optional).

  • shipping_city - shipping city.

  • shipping_state - shipping state/province (required for US/Canada).

  • shipping_zip - shipping ZIP/postal code.

  • shipping_country - shipping country.

  • shipping_phone - shipping phone number.

Creating an Account

Not required.

  • password - password for the account.

Sample Usage

<v:store:register redirect="checkout.html">
 - Billing Information: -
 Name:            <v:text_field path="billing_name" required="name" />
 Company:         <v:text_field path="billing_company" />
 Address:         <v:text_field path="billing_address" required="true" />
 Address 2:       <v:text_field path="billing_address_2" />
 Country:         <v:country_select path="billing_country" required="true" />
 City:            <v:text_field path="billing_city" required="true" />
 State/Province:  <v:state_select path="billing_state" required="uscanada" />
 Zip/Postal Code: <v:text_field path="billing_zip" required="uscanada" />
 Phone:           <v:text_field path="billing_phone" required="true" />
 - Shipping Information: -
 Name:            <v:text_field path="shipping_name" required="name" />
 Company:         <v:text_field path="shipping_company" />
 Address:         <v:text_field path="shipping_address" required="true" />
 Address 2:       <v:text_field path="shipping_address_2" />
 Country:         <v:country_select path="shipping_country" required="true" />
 City:            <v:text_field path="shipping_city" required="true" />
 State/Province:  <v:state_select path="shipping_state" required="uscanada" />
 Zip/Postal Code: <v:text_field path="shipping_zip" required="uscanada" />
 Phone:           <v:text_field path="shipping_phone" required="true" />
 - Contact Information: -
 E-Mail Address:  <v:text_field path="e_mail_address" required="email" />
 Confirm E-Mail:  <v:text_field path="confirm_e_mail_address" required="email" />
 <input type="submit" value="Register" />