Outputs an HTML link (<a> tag) that will initiate a download of a file (stored in a File or Image structure) when clicked on by the user.

Everything between the opening and closing tag is used as the body of the link (it will go between the opening and closing <a> tags that are generated).

Required Attributes

  • path - the path to the Vae file or image structure. Uses VaeQL syntax.

Optional Attributes

  • filename - filename that the file will be downloaded as. Do not include an extension here, it will be filled in from the content as uploaded. For example, if the filename attribute was set to PressPhoto and the photo uploaded was of type .jpg, the file would download as PressPhoto.jpg.

Since this tag generates an HTML <a> tag, you may also use any standard HTML attributes that are valid in the <a> tag. These will be passed through unchanged into the generated tag.

Sample Usage

<v:file path="about_us/photo_of_employees" filename="PhotoOfEmployees">
 Click to download our Photo