Custom Error Pages

For a more polished look, you can edit the error pages that your visitors will see if there is a server error. These files are simple HTML templates that are not parsed by VaeML, Haml, PHP, or any other preprocessors. They are located in a folder called error_docs that exists by default in your FTP root. Simply editing these files will change the error page that is shown in the event of a server error on your website.

The most commonly encountered errors are 404 Not Found (error page template not_found.html), 401 Unauthorized (error page template unauthorized.html), and 500 Internal Server Error (error page template internal_server_error.html). Use the default error document templates as a starting point for your changes.

We recommend using absolute links to any images or assets referenced in these pages so that they will work regardless of the request URL.

You may not use VaeML or PHP in Custom Error Pages. This is because if the visitor is seeing an error page, it may have been caused by a problem with VaeML or PHP and we don’t want to send the user into an endless loop.