Outputs an HTML select input field (<select> tag) prepopulated with a list of countries in the world as options.

When used in conjunction with other Vae tags that generate HTML forms, the field will intelligently populate itself with a selected country if data exists in the current working path that matches the path attribute for this input. Additionally, form validation can be run on the client and server end.

When used in the same form as a <v:state_select> tag, this tag will link itself to the <v:state_select> tag, automatically populating the state select box with the list of states for the selected country. Or, if the selected country does not have a defined list of states, the state select box will transform into a standard text input box.

Required Attributes

  • path - the path to the Vae item this input pertains to. Uses VaeQL syntax. If provided, the name parameter will be set to this as well, and the value will be retrieved from this path.


  • name - request parameter name that the input value will be assigned to.

Optional Attributes

  • required - if set and used in conjunction with a Vae form tag that generates an HTML form, validation will be performed on this field. Please see the Validating Forms page for more information.

Since this tag generates an HTML <select> tag, you may also use any standard HTML attributes that are valid in the <select> tag. These will be passed through unchanged into the generated tag.


This tag is usually self-closed.

Sample Usage

  Where are you from?
  <v:country_select name="country" />
  <input type="submit" />