Web Professionals Required

As a company, we frequently come under pressure from investors and friends to make the Vae platform more accessible to nontechnical designers. They want us to offer templates, pre-built sites, and wizards to make it easier for individuals to create their own websites using Vae without having to learn HTML.

These people don’t get it. Vae was designed to make it easy to create the best websites, and the best websites are always custom-built – to the exact specifications of each and every client. We believe that every website should be designed by a professional web designer that is intimately familar with HTML, CSS, FTP, and any other technologies that may be necessary. Template-based websites will never be good enough for us.

As such, we assume that anyone using Vae will be a good web designer who has this knowledge. If you do not understand HTML, CSS, and a little Javascript, Vae is probably not for you. Go develop these skills and come back to us. Call us perfectionists, but we only want to be associated with designers that are the cream of the crop.

We don’t have any CSS editors, “visual style editors”, templates, or wizards. We give you full access to HTML, CSS, and PHP and a powerful content presentation language called VaeML. Setting up content management takes work, but in time it will be second nature and you will be an even better designer than you were before.