Simple Structures

Simple structures are the most basic types of data structures within Vae. Each simple structure holds one piece of data. There are currently 10 types of simple structures.

The primary difference between the simple structures are the input widgets. For example, a Checkbox structure will present the user with a checkbox, while a Color structure will present the user with a color picker.

Of course, there are also differences in how you access the data. Text-based structures such as the Text structure, Text Area structure, or Rich Text structure are typically output as text using the <v:text> tag in VaeML, while file-based structures are typically output using the <v:file> or <v:img> tags in VaeML. Don’t worry too much about that for now, we’ll come back to it later.

Full details about each type of structure are included here for reference, so if you are reading the book straight through, it is okay to just skim each simple structure to gain a level of familiarity without stressing the details.