Outputs an HTML form (<form> tag) that will operate as a forgot password form. The user may enter their username, email address, or whatever other identifier you use to identify users and an E-Mail will be generated and sent to them containing a link that will let them log in directly (so they can reset their password).

The E-Mail that will be sent looks like this:

You are receiving this E-Mail because a request was submitted to reset your 
password for CURRENT_DOMAIN.  If you submitted this request, please go to the 
following URL to login and reset your password:
CURRENT_DOMAIN Password Recovery

Required Attributes

  • path - the path to the Vae collection that holds the information about your users. Uses VaeQL syntax.

  • required - comma-delimited list of fields that are required to match a user. For example if you wanted to allow them to enter their username in this box, this field should be username. If you want them to have to enter their username and E-Mail address, its value might be username,e_mail_address.

  • email_field - name of the structure on the users collection that contains the users E-Mail address. This is how Vae knows where to send the password recovery E-Mail.

Optional Attributes

  • invalid - message to display if the user enters invalid information and submits the form.

  • redirect - if specified, users will be redirected to this page once the form is submitted.

Since this tag generates an HTML <form> tag, you may also use any standard HTML attributes that are valid in the <form> tag. These will be passed through unchanged into the generated tag.

Sample Usage

<p>Forgot your password?  Enter your E-Mail address below to reset it:</p>
<v:users:forgot email_field="email" path="users" redirect="myaccount.html" required="email">
  <p>Your E-Mail Address: <v:text_field path="email" /></p>
  <input type="submit" />