Use the vae_imagesize() function to determine the pixel size of an image stored in your Vae data folder.



  • $local_filename - Local filename of the image you would like to measure, relative to the local Vae data cache path (i.e. as returned by vae_image(). This is usually obtained by calling vae_image() on the image ID (obtained by reading the data returned by vae() under the path of the Image structure you wish to use).


Two-element array containing the width and height of the image.

Sample Usage

// Fetch image and compute image size
$bio = vae("bio");
$image_filename = vae_file($bio['press_photo']);
$image_size = vae_imagesize($image_filename);
// Display Image
echo '<img src="' . $image_filename . '" alt="My Image" />';
// Create a <div> the same size as our image
echo '<div style="width: ' . $image_size[0] . '; height: ' . $image_size[1] . ';">My Div</div>';