Use the vae_file() function to retrieve the URL for a file (or an image/video) uploaded through Vae. This return value is typically used within the href= attribute of an <a> tag, when offering to allow users to download the file. The URL is returned relative to the Vae data URL, which you can retrieve using the vae_data_url() function.

Currently, returned URLs do not contain slashes, however, this is not guaranteed, and may change in the future.



  • $file_id - ID of the file you wish to retrieve the URL for. This is obtained by reading the data returned by vae() under the path of the File, Image, or Video field you wish to use.

  • $preserve_filename = false - if set to true, Vae will preserve the original filename of the file as the filename part of the returned URL. Video field you wish to use.


Filename for the local copy of this file, relative to the local Vae data cache path.

Sample Usage

// Render a link to download press packet
$bio = vae_find("bio");
$filename = vae_file($bio['press_packet']);
echo '<a href="' . vae_data_url() . $filename . '">Download our Press Packet</a>';