We're Hosted... And That's A Good Thing! June 19, 2009

 Are you concerned with the fact that Vae is a hosted solution? It’s something we often get asked about as designers assess Vae. Not having full control over your site is a scary prospect for many people, understandably. At Vae, we know that being a hosted CMS means added responsibility, and we take that seriously. We work closely with our webhost to ensure uptime and perform regular analysis to alleviate any bottlenecks.

There are many other benefits to using our hosted CMS. No longer will you need to toil with software installs, worry about security patches, or bargain with hosting companies. Your clients benefit too from the simplicity of only paying a single bill.

It’s our aim to provide you with a stellar CMS and the best hosting possible, all at a fair price. If you’re interested in more details about our webhosting, please contact us and we’ll answer any and all of your questions.

Your Data Is Safe May 29, 2009

Because Vae is a hosted solution, we are often asked about the efforts we make to protect your data.  In short, be reassured that your data is safe.

We store data on high performance servers in Secaucus, NJ and San Antonio, TX and perform remote backups 4 times a day to a backup location in New York, NY.  We retain these backups for a variable length of time, but we do our best to keep at least all 6-hour backups for the last week, all daily backups for the last month, and all monthly backups for the last year.

The backup system that we use for client data is the exact same system that we use for all of our own business critical data.

We also have a comprehensive Privacy Policy that explains exactly how we will treat your data.  You should read it to understand exactly how you're protected, but in short: we will not use your upload content for any purpose whatsoever, except to provide you with the Vae service.  You own your content.

If you have any questions, please don't hestiate to contact us.

Redesigning Your Site? No Problem. May 19, 2009

Vae allows you to define structures in a way that makes sense semantically, without getting tangled up in the design of your site. This has some powerful implications. For your clients, it should make it simple for them to navigate your structures in order to update their content. As a designer, it means that your content isn’t tied to the layout of your site.

With many other content management systems, you’ll find yourself organizing your content based on where it’s located on your site. In these systems, if you change your site, you have to update both the design and content structures. With Vae however, a site redesign doesn’t necessitate an overhaul of content structuring. We separate the content from its presentation completely.

Our Support Is Awesome May 13, 2009

Our current designers can attest that at Vae we make designer support a priority. Confused about paginating a collection? Choosing between credit card merchants? Don’t scratch your head for too long; In addition to our documentation, our Account Managers are there to help you work through every issue.

Vae Account Managers have helped designers construct many sites, so they can also make suggestions. If for example you’re creating your first blog with Vae, and you’d like to see some example code, our Account Mangers can code that kind of stuff up for you quickly. We’re committed to helping you get your sites up and running ASAP.

As we like to say, there’s no problem too big – or too small! – for the Vae support staff to help you with. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Who's Using Vae? May 12, 2009

At Vae, we’re committed to giving designers powerful tools to develop with, while at the same time giving them complete design freedom. To some, a CMS and design freedom might seem like opposing forces. At Vae, we solve this issue with our carefully thought-out presentation language, VaeML, as well as an incredibly robust PHP API.

The proof is in the pudding, though. Let’s take a look at a few of our favorite sites that are utilizing Vae.

Flying Point Surf
Flying Point features a sleak surf shop using Vae’s eCommerce. Notice that they sell more than surf boards; Vae makes it especially easy to categorize your content on sites like this.

Gin Lan Media
Gin Lane Media is top-notch web design firm who consistently produce beautiful sites, often utilizing Vae in the process. In fact, when it came time to design their own site, Gin Lane opted to use Vae to make their site easy-to-update as their company’s portfolio grows.

Green Owl Records
Green Owl Records is a Brooklyn-based record label that believes “great music can be sustainable—both economically and environmentally.” Having their site designed with Vae means they can manage their artists, albums, and blog posts all in one place.

Tom Sachs
A great example of an effective portfolio site made with Vae.  Notice also the added store. Vae’s fair pricing plan along with its easy eCommerce integration make it possible for even small sites to have a shop.

Welcome to the Vae Blog! November 01, 2008

Finally, a place for the Vae team to communicate with developers using Vae. Here's to a great relationship!