Who's Using Vae? - May 12, 2009

At Vae, we’re committed to giving designers powerful tools to develop with, while at the same time giving them complete design freedom. To some, a CMS and design freedom might seem like opposing forces. At Vae, we solve this issue with our carefully thought-out presentation language, VaeML, as well as an incredibly robust PHP API.

The proof is in the pudding, though. Let’s take a look at a few of our favorite sites that are utilizing Vae.

Flying Point Surf
Flying Point features a sleak surf shop using Vae’s eCommerce. Notice that they sell more than surf boards; Vae makes it especially easy to categorize your content on sites like this.

Gin Lan Media
Gin Lane Media is top-notch web design firm who consistently produce beautiful sites, often utilizing Vae in the process. In fact, when it came time to design their own site, Gin Lane opted to use Vae to make their site easy-to-update as their company’s portfolio grows.

Green Owl Records
Green Owl Records is a Brooklyn-based record label that believes “great music can be sustainable—both economically and environmentally.” Having their site designed with Vae means they can manage their artists, albums, and blog posts all in one place.

Tom Sachs
A great example of an effective portfolio site made with Vae.  Notice also the added store. Vae’s fair pricing plan along with its easy eCommerce integration make it possible for even small sites to have a shop.