Your Data Is Safe - May 29, 2009

Because Vae is a hosted solution, we are often asked about the efforts we make to protect your data.  In short, be reassured that your data is safe.

We store data on high performance servers in Secaucus, NJ and San Antonio, TX and perform remote backups 4 times a day to a backup location in New York, NY.  We retain these backups for a variable length of time, but we do our best to keep at least all 6-hour backups for the last week, all daily backups for the last month, and all monthly backups for the last year.

The backup system that we use for client data is the exact same system that we use for all of our own business critical data.

We also have a comprehensive Privacy Policy that explains exactly how we will treat your data.  You should read it to understand exactly how you're protected, but in short: we will not use your upload content for any purpose whatsoever, except to provide you with the Vae service.  You own your content.

If you have any questions, please don't hestiate to contact us.