Integrating Vae Content Into Your Website

Now that you have learned how to publish your website via FTP or Subversion, it is time to integrate your Vae content into the website. There are two main ways to integrate your content into your website: VaeML, and PHP integration. VaeML is our proprietary content presentation language that uses easy HTML-like tags to markup the presentation of your content. It is very similar to HTML and should be a quick learn for anyone who is already familiar with HTML.

For greater control or for more powerful control, you may also integrate your content using PHP. Vae exposes all of your data via a rich PHP API. You may also mix and match integration styles by using the <v:php> VaeML tag to bring in PHP code within a VaeML document.

We will explain VaeML first, and then discuss VaeQL, our proprietary query language that allows you to navigate your content according to the structure you created. We end with a discussion of our PHP integration.

Table of Contents: